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LaCie warns hackers may have customer info, credit cards after year-long breach

Seagate-owned LaCie fessed up on Tuesday to a major security breach that put sensitive customer information at risk for nearly a year. The hard drive and peripheral storage maker isn’t sure what information has been compromised; however, the company says the list may include customer names, email addresses, credit card numbers, and card expiration dates. In short, the bad guys may have ... Read More »

Mt. Gox files for liquidation as Japan rejects rehab plans


  Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has abandoned its bid for revival and filed for liquidation with a Japanese court, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. Tokyo-based Mt. Gox, once the world’s largest trading place for the digital currency, collapsed in February with liabilities of ¥6.5 billion ($63.6 million), saying nearly half a billion dollars worth of bitcoin was unaccounted for ... Read More »

Google Glass one-day sale ends in a sell-out (and proof that people like white frames?)


Well, that didn’t take long. Google’s special Glass sales event was officially declared over Tuesday night at 9:23 pm via a blog post that explained all editions have been claimed, and that the company is looking for more ways to expand the Explorer program. The sell-out culminated a one-day-only sales event in which Google opened up its Explorer program to not just developers and ... Read More »

As PC market stabilizes, Intel focuses on smartphones


  Inside Intel’s family of chips, communications is now its problem child. Intel’s revenues for the first quarter were about on par compared to a year ago, with a slight 1 percent increase in revenue. Typically, first-quarter revenues slide fairly dramatically from the fourth quarter, the traditional height of the sales season. The good news is, in the words of Intel ... Read More »

Rushed Heartbleed fixes may expose users to new attacks


  In the race to protect themselves from the Heartbleed vulnerability, enterprises could be opening themselves up to new attacks if they aren’t careful. Perpetrators of some of the most virulent cyberattacks on the Internet will try to take advantage of the chaos that’s bound to occur in some IT shops as administrators and developers hurriedly respond to Heartbleed, the widespread OpenSSL ... Read More »

Galaxy S5 fingerprint login fooled by familiar iPhone 5s TouchID hack


  It took just four days for German researchers to trick the Samsung Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner into accepting a mold of a fingerprint instead of a real finger. Despite fingerprint authentication being one of the headline features on Samsung’s new flagship model, the company’s implementation of it “leaves much to be desired,” SRLabs said in a video demonstration of ... Read More »

TrueCrypt for Windows: No major flaws found in first phase of security audit

The first round of results are in, and so far TrueCrypt, the popular open-source encryption program, has a relatively clean bill of health. Security firm iSec Partners recently carried out the first phase of the TrueCrypt audit on behalf of the Open Crypto Audit Project (OCAP). OCAP is the official name for the group behind, a project inspired by ... Read More »

Google updates terms of service to reflect its scanning of users’ emails


Google has updated its terms of service to reflect that it analyzes user content including emails to provide users tailored advertising, customized search results and other features. The Internet giant’s scanning of users’ email has been controversial with privacy groups describing it as an intrusion into user privacy. Competitor Microsoft claims in its “Don’t Get Scroogled by Gmail” campaign that ... Read More »

Microsoft beefs up Office Online


Microsoft is updating its Web-based Office Online suite, narrowing the features gap with the main Office 365 and Office 2013 suites installed on users’ devices. “We know you want features that allow you to move as seamlessly as possible between Office Online and the desktop,” wrote Kaberi Chowdhury, an Office Online technical product manager, in a blog post Monday. Improvements ... Read More »